Access to primary healthcare and disease prevention in rural Zimbabwean communities is inadequate, which contributes to poor health outcomes, increased incidence of disease and a higher mortality rate for these […]

Binga is one of the least developed district in Zimbabwe. There are 123 primary schools in the district supporting 30 000 students. Of the 123 schools, half of them are satellite schools . There are only 18 Secondary Schools which are supposed to take up all the students graduating from the 82 primary schools

When the story of the Children at Gogo Nhiwatiwa’s home in Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe was aired on ZBC, a number of people reached out to Citizens Initiative with the intention […]

When the first case of covid-19 was reported in Zimbabwe on March 23 2020, the country panicked. Countries across the world were shutting down. Nurses and doctors were unsure what the disease entailed. The healthcare system was already reeling under pressure of dilapidation and neglect. There were no PPEs and government did not seem to have a plan.

Citizens Initiative went into action, sourcing PPEs for Council and Rural Clinics.

In November 2019, doctors and key health personnel went on strike in Zimbabwe. There was limited service at government hospitals. The government responded by firing 77 doctors who mainly served the poor. People with chronic ailments especially the elderly were severely affected with reported spikes in deaths.

Citizens Initiative mobilized resources for mobile clinics catering to elderly patients and kids below 12 years of age

When Cyclone Idai hit Eastern Zimbabwe on March 14, 2019, people rallied to support. The Zimbabwe Cyclone Relief Fund Campaign was set up on GoFundMe to help the affected communities in Manicaland and Masvingo provinces.

The campaign received funds from individual donors across the world through a GoFundMe and Zimbabwe’s Ecocash. The effort became known as Citizens Initiative mainly because money was raised from more than 3000 individuals