Mt Hampden Children Home

5000 of 25 000 raised

When the story of the Children at Gogo Nhiwatiwa’s home in Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe was aired on ZBC, a number of people reached out to Citizens Initiative with the intention to help. This story touched many hearts and people have been wondering what they can do to make the lives of these children better especially given the current threats of covid-19.

As Citizens Initiative we feel strongly that these children deserve decent access to basic needs like shelter, food and water. Our purpose is always to channel individual and institutional support towards focused and sustainable interventions that help improve lives. We therefore would like to again rally people towards raising at least $30 000 to build a 5-10 room/dormitory home for these kids.

What we are going to build is dependent on what we will raise. Ideally we need land close to a school and also a clinic where we can build a home, furnish it with bunk beds, drill a borehole and if possible provide solar power for cooking and also lighting.